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Rave Reviews From Beta Students

I just started teaching myself development. I love that Nicole took matters into her own hands to achieve her coding goals. Thanks, Nicole!

Jenna, 30DWD Beta Student

Nicole: You are a fantastic writer. I think that a lot of e-teachers lose credibility with me because their understanding of the world and other people is unclear or too simplistic or white or just plain doesn't sit right with me. Your accomplishments alone contribute a lot to your credibility as a course-author—but also you've obviously been really intentional in choosing your words at every step of this course, which gives me a lot of faith in you and in this process.  

[...] your narrative is one of the biggest strengths and the biggest draws of this course. Learning about the ways in which you've failed at learning things has taught me even more than your successes.

Candice, 30DWD Beta Student

The course content is well considered and thorough, it doesn't feel like anything has been left out. [...] The 7 Steps for effective problem solving provide a good structure to follow. The suggestion of writing out the code in words is really helpful in systematic problem-solving.

I could definitely relate to certain aspects of Nicole's story, such as spending too much time procrastinating and focusing on the wrong study material causing disconnected skills. [...] I found Nicole's journey inspirational, as she set a goal to change careers and attained it by being determined and finding solutions to overcome her obstacles.  

Carla, 30DWD Beta Student

I learned to harness resources available now that weren't around when I first started in the early 1990's. Second, I learned not to get discouraged. I will get there in time, I just have to keep at it.  

[Her story is] eerily similar to mine, dead end jobs that weren't going anywhere being bored to the core at admin type jobs that were holding me back.

Scott, 30DWD Beta Student

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